Cheeseburger Therapy Session #1: Case of the McMondays


The day was haunted with an evil case of the ‘Mehs.’ It was Monday, the first brutal lashing from the white collar dominatrix and preparation for the mundane work week’s daily grind. The coffee pot… Empty. I sensed it slowly succeeding my way toward the stairwell from the corridor gawking at the corporate zombies floating aimlessly side by side reciting the habitual “Hello. How are you doing, good and you?” Dragging their leather bound feet, bobbing their heads deep in thought and reminders of deadlines, portfolio presentations, and the chiming of simultaneous outlook invite alerts. Bing, bing, bing. (They say, if you’re ever feeling lonely, call a meeting) A campus saturated in a milieu of Van Hausen and Lance Armstrong hopefuls. Clandestine behind polyfoam aluminum framed panels, eyes glazed over into a 124-pixel black hole flat screen. You hear a mumbling of broken words ‘vacation’ ‘request’ ‘must’ resembling Aramic. A cry for salvation, a rescue mission for the combed-over. Coffee… Need more coffee. The sweeping sounds crescendo from the clock face pierced through their ear drums. Alas, 4:59pm. Light conversation of MLB scores and latest episodes of ‘Thrones’ leech over from cube to cube. We bid our adieus. The herd of scientist and engineer cattle swarmed toward the parking lot like escapees from a gated community of vegan burgers and kombucha to come home greeted by their trophy wives and 2.5 children. I, I took the road less traveled. I went where no man that day went… To my local Smashburger for some emotional therapy.
Mood: Dissatisfied
Emotion Before Consumption: Complacent & Slightly Irrational
Mood After Consumption: Slightly Satisfied & Somewhat Guilty

Eat like no other.

Greasiest Regards,

Dr. Mehburger

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