“Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly.”
― Neil Gaiman

Inspiration is the key driver for most creative types in career and life. It can come in any form. We become inspired by our surroundings, sensory, emotional, a memory, even in our dreams. Then there are times when inspiration is lost. Writer’s block, for example, when an artist or a creator slips into a creative coma, a roadblock, pigeon-holed, and stagnant. After a long spell of unfortunate rainy meatballs and a slew of lost opportunities, I slipped into a slate of (and I don’t like using the word depression because it seems a bit extreme) “bummed-outness”. A little down, a little out. My sister, who went through the same spell, introduced me to an incredibly novel idea she’d seen in a documovie called ‘The Secret’. I would resort to anything and so, there I was, knee deep in Pinterest print outs and magazine clippings ready to create MY inspiration boards. She showed me hers, they were beautiful depictions of small future bits of a great life. I gasped and sighed and laughed and cried. I was finally inspired.

Instructions on how to create inspiration boards:

1) Begin with an idea and a central image for each board. Sectors of what you want and desire in your life whether it be Love, family, money, home, business, travel, a bucket list, whatever your heart may dream of.
2) Raid the interwebs, Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, photo boxes, iPhones, etc. Print, cut, explode, incinerate, slice, dice, into a collage of puzzle pieces. Mine: Hundreds of pictures of cheeseburgers, of course.
3) Buy a Costco sized glue stick and a couple of foam boards.
4) You put them all together and you turn yourself around, that’s what it’s all about! (To the tune of hokey pokey for you international readers)
5) Congratulations! Study them, pray to them, appreciate them. These are your future pictorial and tactile wishes. Smile, breathe, and be patient.

I encourage all of you who feel as if they’ve lost something, somewhere, and can’t seem to find what exactly it was and where, please consider sitting cross legged on the floor of your studio loft and get a little glue stuck between your nails and possibly a few paper cuts or scissor blisters. You’ll thank me in the end.

Best of luck for the wanderlust. Cheers.


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