From PCH to the Empire State: The Search Begins


The love affair with cheeseburgers sprouted from childhood. Memories of poppa’s backyard barbecues and having been raised Texan. Many decades were spent deprived after my teenage years of “self-discovery” and “vegetarianism.” I finally regained the hunger, the passion and developed a full-fledged affinity for the layers of seared succulent meats bound by melted skirts of cheese and tied in ribbons of bacon, tucked carefully among golden domes of tender yeasted love. I sought emotional solace at 30. The only therapy I desired lied in beef”n”cheddar. Cheeseburgers resemble what is so undoubtably magnificent about life. Simple. Delicious. Universal. Sustenance. Beautiful.

A conversation with a medium about the silly topic of love and marriage brought about the most peculiar food revelation. Having hardly no interest in such, he took to my lack of and proceeded to insist that one day I would. By the act of The Gods and spirits, the universe, and the stars, the partner of my very dreams would reveal them-self only after I would long for that person, long for them like a “hamburger,” he said, using his hands like a mime, positioning an imaginary burger in front of his face and taking a bite while winking coyly at me. He was right. So, there began my search for the perfect burger. Forget about love, forget about marriage. I just wanted a damn good burger.

The work I do, my livelihood, allows me to travel across the states as well as the world. I have utmost gratitude for that. After having discovered a nifty app called Instagram (not sure if you’ve heard of it ;)) I found it to be a great way of photo tracking the hundreds of burgers I’ve consumed across the world. It became “my thing”. I’m the Cheezburger-lover-girl-insta-burger-meet-foodporn-blahblahblah. I created a map, a blog, a photojournal, all dedicated to this all-American creation. In reality, when you look beyond the wrapper and grease, there still remains this underlying initiative behind all of it. Understand, there IS NO PERFECT BURGER, but by the power invested in me I’m going to die trying to find it.

Here you will find some inspiration, positive vibes, travel stories, pictures of dogs, tales from the kitchen, breaking news, no politics, restaurant reviews, and mostly cheeseburgers, copious amounts of cheeseburgers.

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